Roof Repair and Replacement Services in Brigantine, NJ

Roof damage can be fairly easy to miss since it’s usually out of your sight and reach. However, damage to your roof can lead to costly and extensive repairs if not fixed early on. Considering this, you might be wondering how to tell if your roof is damaged or not. To help you catch roofing issues before they become more serious, we’re sharing some of the most common signs of roof damage below.

Your Roof is Nearing the End of its Lifespan

One of the easiest ways to determine if your roof needs replacing is its age. If it was installed over 20 years ago, then it’s likely that it needs to be replaced sooner rather than later. As your roof gets older, it becomes more vulnerable to damage. Replacing it can prevent water leaks, missing shingles, and other costly damage.

Your Attic is Stained With Water

In some cases, roof damage doesn’t show up on your actual roof. Your attic is a common place for signs of roof damage. If you notice water stains on the ceiling and walls of your attic, then it’s likely that your roof is suffering from water damage. This type of roof damage should be taken care of swiftly, as leaving it can lead to mold and other annoying issues. 

Your Shingles are Damaged

Another sign that you need a roof repair or replacement is damaged shingles. When you look up at your roof, do your shingles lay flat? Are any of them buckling, cracked, or missing altogether? If this is the case, then it’s important to call in the professionals to avoid costly water leaks.

Your Roof is Drooping

During your DIY roof inspection, be sure to check for parts of your roof that are sagging or drooping. This along with trapped moisture and rotting boards are telltale signs of roof damage and should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Mold, Moss, or Fungi are Growing on Your Roof

While it is outside, your roof should not become one with nature. Because mold, moss, and fungi are attracted to warm, moist areas, your roof is particularly vulnerable to becoming a home for them. When they begin to grow on your roof, it can cause costly damage and even health issues for you and your family. If you happen to spot any of these three growing on your roof, alert the professionals right away.

Expert Roof Replacement Services in Brigantine, NJ

If you happen to notice any of the above signs of damage as you’re inspecting your roof, don’t panic. Instead of searching “local roof repair and replacement services in Brigantine” online, allow us to tell you about the services at Frank Vincent Windows & Roofing.

For over 60 years, Frank Vincent Windows & Roofing has been providing those in Brigantine and the surrounding areas with unmatched roof replacement services. Our team has a wealth of experience and knowledge in working with different roof sizes, materials, shapes, and levels of damage. We exclusively use only the highest quality materials when replacing roofs to ensure your roof will protect you for years to come. 

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