Siding Services in Stone Harbor, NJ

The siding is what gives your home the majority of its look. Siding comes in a large selection of materials, styles, colors, and trims, which allow you to personalize your home to fit your style and taste. Frank Vincent Windows & Roofing has highly-experienced contractors that guarantee an upgrade with our top-quality siding installations. Our traditional siding stands up to winds up to 180 miles per hour, and all of our Stone Harbor siding installation projects have a lifetime limited warranty. 

Signs You Need a Siding Replacement 

Your siding is the most easily visible part of your home, yet probably not often thought about. The siding is crucial to the look and aesthetics of your house, as well as the structural integrity. When it begins to crack or decay, you could be at risk for costly repairs if the issue is not addressed quickly. Our team of expert contractors wants to share some things to be on the lookout for that would indicate you may need your siding replaced. 

Cracked or Rotting Siding

This will be the most obvious and easy-to-spot warning sound. A simple lap around your house should reveal any cracked or rotting parts that could quickly turn into a larger problem if not repaired quickly.

Blisters or Bubbling

Blisters or bubbling beneath the surface of your siding is another red flag. This is a sign that water has gotten trapped in the siding and the siding is no longer doing its job effectively. 

Mold, Mildew, or Fungus

Keep an eye out for mold or fungus growing on the side of your home. This indicates the presence of moisture that could be penetrating your siding. It is not always a cause for panic but is worth investigating further. 

Severe Fading

When siding shows severe fading and is losing its color, that is a sign it is also losing its waterproofing ability. You should replace your siding before it becomes an issue.

Paint Peeling

If your home frequently needs to be repainted (should only be every 8-10 years), it could mean your siding is ready to be replaced. If you also notice loose wallpaper or peeling paint on the inside of your home, that can indicate moisture is getting into your walls which can cause significant damage. 

Increasing Energy Bills

While many factors can cause your energy bills to rise, if you have ruled out any issues with your HVAC system or drafts coming from an attic or windows, it could be a sign your siding is no longer properly insulating your home. Old or damaged siding does not insulate as well and will cause your energy bills to rise. 

Frank Vincent Siding Installations

Well-kept siding will significantly influence your home’s curb appeal and the value of your property. If you have noticed any signs that your siding needs to be replaced or repaired, call the experienced siding contractors from Frank Vincent Windows & Roofing. We provide honest pricing, professional service, and guaranteed customer satisfaction to all residents of Stone Harbor. Contact us today to get in touch with our siding experts.

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