Window Replacement in Strathmere

For more than 60 years, Frank Vincent Windows & Roofing has been the premier window installation service company serving Strathmere and the surrounding South Jersey area. Windows make up an integral part of your house. They are not only tasked with allowing natural light into your home but keeping the outdoor air and weather out of it as well. Our full window services include installation, replacement, repairs, and treatment. Our team will use its experience to work hand-in-hand with you to determine the best option for your home, and the optimal material, size, style, and more.

Warning Signs You Need New Windows

It is important to inspect and take note of the status of your windows. Not only do new windows affect the appearance of your home, but also your heating and cooling costs. Below are some helpful tips that you can use to tell if your windows need replacing. 

Loud Outside Noise

Your windows are supposed to provide insulation to the noise outside of your home. If you hear loud sounds from the outdoors, it may mean your windows are not sealed properly or were poorly made. 


Windows also insulate your home from the air outside. If you feel a breeze or air coming through your windows, your windows are not sealed properly. This will affect the temperature of your home and cause your HVAC system to work twice as hard and raising your energy bills. 

Damaged Frames

If your window frames are soft or chipping, they are likely already beyond repair. Once water infiltrates your frames they are nearly impossible to fix and it is time to get them replaced. 

Trouble Opening or Closing

When windows are not installed correctly or begin to rust, rot, or sag, they will be difficult to open and close. If your windows are not able to close or lock properly, they become a safety risk for your family. 

Cracks or Condensation

Sure, a frosted window pane might look pretty in the winter. But if the frosting is between the layers of glass, that means the seal is not working and has allowed moisture to get in. Windows that are cracked should be replaced immediately as even the smallest crack will grow very quickly. 

Reliable Window Installation Service 

Frank Vincent Windows & Roofing has established itself as the one-stop window replacement company for all your home-exterior services in Strathmere and the surrounding areas. Our vast industry knowledge, professional workmanship, and high-quality materials make us the choice for your home improvement project. To schedule your window installation or replacement, call us at 609-641-2389. We look forward to working with you.

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